Grace Kelly on the set of High Noon, 1952.

some of my favorite outfits of cher horowitz (◡‿◡✿)

Michael Sheen: Hollywood’s Unlikely Heartthrob

“He’s very funny, like spit-out-your-drink funny. When you know him he is very handsome. He’s just got charm.” (x)


Colin: There are a lot of people who try to help people not to stammer, but there isn’t an industry to help people stammer. And, um-
Helena: You could start one.
Colin: If anybody wants, you know, I could have you stammering in a month, absolutely. I certainly had the whole crew stammering-
Helena: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, it was contagious, actually. Once he started, it was like the whole rest-
Colin: Well, it shut her up for a while.
Helena: The thing is, it didn’t shut him up. The only reason I knew that we were filming was suddenly he stopped talking. It was like, ‘Oh we must be on, Colin stopped talking.’

Quentin Tarantino photographed by Philip Gostelow, 1993



she’s so strange I am laughing

Nosferatu (1922)


A Bit Of Fry And Laurie: Invented swear words.

Lauren Bacall Receives her honorary Oscar, 2009.